A flaky scallion pancake on Yongkang Street – Taipei, Taiwan

In addition to the many nightmarkets you can find in Taipei, there is what I personally call “day market”.

YongKang Street is one of these crowded places you go mainly to eat. Besides the Smoothie House, or xiao long bao places (Din Tai Fung or Kao Chi), you can find some stalls in between that are worth queuing before.

The one I’m going to talk about today is a much praised one, reviewed on all the good Taipei food specialised blogs (and by that, I only refer to the Hungry Girl’s guide to Taipei).

This small shop, located next to a Pho Place, sells what is probably the best scallion pancake in town. It is easy to fail making this snack, as it could easily end up tasting greasy. But this one manages to be light flaky. I don’t know if the secret lies in the ingredients, or the recipe, or the technique, but I found these ones quite unique. 

Even looking at the employees cooking them is an entertainment.

You can either try the regular pancake, or ones with ham, cheese or corn…or the three of them. While I thought it would be wise to go for the regular one, my boyfriend was brave enough to bet on the “full pancake” with all three ingredients. After taking a small bite, I could say this was a winning bet for him.

Anyway. I strongly recommend this place.


Tianjin Flaky Scallion Pancake

No. 1, Ln. 6, Yongkang St., Daan Dist, Taipei, Taïwan

MRT Dongmen