Miso Ramen Soup & Gyozas @ Higuma – Paris, France


The Rue Saint Anne, near the Opera Garnier, is known for Parisian foodies as the Japanese district, with many Japanese restaurants historically concentrated on this long street.

This is not so true today, as Korean, Taiwanese and other restaurants joined, and picky people might favor other “more authentic” and premium Japanese restaurants located outside of this bubble.

For a first-time visitor, it might be hard to choose between the gazillions of restaurants, where long queues of workers form for lunch time.

There will be many articles about restaurants on this district to come, but let’s focus today on a restaurant I just had lunch at today.

Higuma is one of those Japanese canteens that is not much to look at, but many rave about among Japanese food lovers. I actually took the opportunity of a work meeting in the area to come in for an early lunch at noon sharp. Luckily enough, there was not any queue and plenty of tables to choose from, which was not the case 15 minutes later.

The first thing you se when entering the restaurant: an open kitchen with a bar. There are also many tables

Higuma specializes itself in the ramen that comes with different soups or side ingredients, but there are plenty of other classical Japanese dishes (curry rices, donburis, etc.) or side dishes (seaweed salad, edamame) you can also choose from.

The menu

I decided to go for the Miso Ramen Soup, with the gyozas and a plate of edamame (I love these). The waiter had barely taken my order when he came with it. It took him barely 5 minutes. Litterally.


The ramen and the pulled pork that goes with it were fresh, a treat for the taste buds. The only drawback was definitely the soup, which was slightly too salty to my taste.

However, the gyozas were just HEA-VEN. They were not the classic frozen ones that are served in many restaurants of this sort. They were fresh, perfectly grilled. May I dare believing these were homemade? The taste made me think like so.

The main set was already quite filling by itself, so there is actually no need to order additional side dishes.

The ultimate argument for budget travelers: it is cheap for a restaurant in Paris (11€ for the ramen meal set)

To sum it up:

  • Higuma is perfect for people in a hurry but who prefer to eat early.
  • If not, it is worth queuing for a table.
  • It is cheap
  • I can’t advise you on the right ramen soup to take. But order the gyozas.

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