Matcha drinks and Eclair @ Au Matcha – Paris France

A temple for all things matcha, hidden in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

When friends from my Paris and abroad both heard about this place, it was quite my duty to visit Au Matcha. Even more after I realized that this tea house was located in my neighborhood.

The place is very small, between a flower shop and a bigger brasserie style restaurant. You have to fight a little and even consider takeaway. Fortunately, we managed to have a table outside as it was a sunny day. This was the first sunny day in ages in Paris! Two young Japanese ladies welcome you to take your orders at a small pastel-colored counter.

While the pastry selection is quite small, much to my disappointment, the beverage menu is just crazy. From hot to cold, whether you want pure tea or a smoothie, or a frappucino, there is obviously something that you’ll like. Even if you are not familiar with how matcha actually tastes like.

My friend and I both decided to go for a Raspberry Matcha Smoothie and a Raspberry Matcha Latte Frappe (yup, quite a long name). I also yielded in a Matcha/Cherry Blossom Cream Eclair. It was so beautiful I couldn’t.


The Matcha Raspberry Latte Frappe
Matcha Cherry Blossom Eclair

Above being Instagram-worthy, the pastry and beverages tasted really good. It was sweet but not too much. But If you are matcha aficionados, the smoothie might disappoint you. The taste of organic yogurt will actually stand out more than the matcha. Too bad!

The tea house also serves as a shop where you can buy some tea sets or cute accessories.

I totally recommend this place for an afternoon snack with friend on a sunny day.